About us

Our Strengths

  • legal knowledge

  • scientific workstyle

  • craftsmanship

  • analytical mindset

  • precision

  • efficiency

Our Team

DI Klaus Hirtner



Master degree in Medical Engineering at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria


Mechanical engineering, industrial design, simulation, prototyping, CAD training, CFD, medical device regulatory affairs, Matlab, GIS

German, English

DI Cristiano Nishimura


Professional Experience
Instituto Europeo di Design Turin – Automotive Design, Federal University of Paraná – Mechanical Engineering

Project management, economics, industrial & automotive design, mechanical engineering, sketching & 3D modelling, rapid prototyping

German, English, Italian, Portuguese

We have our origin in the industrial and automotive sector where we collected indispensible experience in mechanical engineering. We became specialists in CAD with focus on generative design surface modelling and injection molding. We successfully finished several automotive and industrial design projects like e.g. a electric car prototype, heavy machinery vehicles or airplane interiors. Our knowledge of manufacturing technology helps our customers to lay out the design in a way that ensures smooth manufacturability while taking into account the economic aspects of the production processes.

With increasing demand from the medical device sector we specialized on supporting young med-tech companies with a broad spectrum on regulatory issues and providing support for design and mechanical engineering. We developed  magnetorheologic damping systems, energy regenerative systems for prosthetics, testing machines for artificial legs, hydraulic valves and worked for many other projects. Over the years, with our competence in regulatory affairs we successfully accompanied new medical device manufacturers on their path of placing products on the market.